does any body know

how much horespower a 2002 yz426f puts out, thanks

Stock should be around 42-44 from what I hear...

You'll hear anywhere from 42 to 48 or 49....

It's all over the place, all I know is it's plenty for any human rider on dirt unless you're racing in Baja or something.


One of the reasons that it's "all over the place" is that dynos as they stand today are not particularly precise instruments in absolute terms, and the results will vary. They're really much more useful for determining whether a change made to an engine made it stronger or not, and for optimizing an engine's output.

When you see numbers for stock bikes, you have to ask whether the testers did anything to make the bike run at its best, or did they just drag it in off the truck and run it? That last is typical of the dyno graphs some performance part manufacturers use to show their stuff off. They just run a stocker with off the shelf jetting and compare that to the same bike tuned razor sharp with their goodies on it to make the difference bigger.

One of the most reliable series of pipe and bike shootouts over the years has been Dirt Bike Magazine. They run their tests at the FMF dyno facility, and generally make a good effort to get the most out of the stock bikes. For that reason, that info is a good gauge of what a stock bike's power actually is.

A good, healthy YZ426 should turn out 45-46 hp in stock trim.

How about a YZ 450f thats what im thinkin about gettin. i found an 05 for 3800

How about a YZ 450f thats what im thinkin about gettin. i found an 05 for 3800

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