Header Wrap

yes they were straight headers well curved around a reciprocating engine but no silencers on them. The header pipes were about 2 feet long or so and had I think 3 steps in them with maybe a 2 - 1/2" pipe. I think I remember they were 3000 hp and were supercharged. God how I hated filling the supercharger up with oil or should I say showering in the oil. It had to be serviced while running the motor.

the initiation for newbies was for the pilot to retard the timing on the motor and flood the crap out of it. then shoot a 6 foot long flame out of the headers while you were standing there ever so keen looking for any mishap that may happen. I'm just glad I found out that I wasnt the only one that pissed my pants. LOL

My first boss in the MC business was a former Navy A & E crew chief. He had some funny stories to tell. :thumbsup:

damn I must be old school it was just airframes in my day, engines had their own club then. A & E I think came about because of commercial interests. It cost twice as much until they realized you could fold both tech spots into 1.

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