New tank, PRE-install

My new Clarke 4.7 came in yesterday but it didn't come with any directions. Surprisingly it DID come with a piece of foam and a vent tube. :applause:

What should I clean it with inside and out?

What do you guys use in place of that thin bent wire to hold it in place. Will that thin wire be sufficient in a drop?

Anyone know where I can get some nice graphics?

The tank looks to be high quality. I'm pretty psyched.

I used dish washing soap and water then let it dry. Also, check the screws on the mounting plate for the petcock. Mine were not tight and it leaked like a sieve until I could get to the screws to fix it. Junk the wire bracket and make one out of aluminum stock or cut and bend the wire to mount on the tabs on the front of the frame. BTW, the mount holes for the wire are SAE 1/4"-20 of all things.

Good deal Wheelnut!! Put some pics up when you get it installed. That's my next purchase for the XR.

I just got a like new Clarke tank off of tha 'bay and put it on my XR600. It is kind of a pain.

First I had to drill out the petcock hole a little more to fit the stock petcock. That worked out fine, no leaks.

Then I ditched the puny metal bar and made two brackets from some flat aluminum bar that I got at Lowes. You have to make some bends, if you have a vice that would make it easy, I don't so I just used vice grips and a large adjustable wrench to bend it to fit. Then drill holes in the newly made brackets for the bolts and use lock washers so it doesn't loosen up while riding.

Then I got a eye bolt to put through the hole at the rear of the tank and just used zip ties to lash it to the frame and seat.

My used tank didn't come with any foam padding so I used some pipe insulation to get the tank to sit properly on the frame.

The tank is stable and makes the bike look bigger and tougher in IMO.

Good Luck to you and plan on setting aside about 2-3 hours to complete the job. Let me know if I can assist further.

here is a pic of the finished product:



looks like time for new meats!

Anyone know where I can get some nice graphics?

normal stickers on a tank will bubble and lift after a few days.

Acerbis has a permament sticker on their tanks but I haven't figured out how they do it.

I installed an IMS 4 gallon tank and XR's only graphics. Then decided I did not like it. Even has a new petcock on it, already to go. btw my graphics are not and never have bubbled.

looks like time for new meats!

you caught that huh?

Yeah, I have some Kendas ready to put on, just haven't had time yet.

Cleaned it inside and out with dishwashing soap and water. Rinsed it really well and been outside in the sun to dry. Tonight I put heat reflective tape all over the underside.

I could have installed it today but I went riding instead.:ride:

Gonna do some other work while it's apart so it may be a week or 2 before it's officially "installed".

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