Is my butt too soft?

Hi folks i just bought a new `07 WR450 F and took it for a test ride along our farm and after a few minutes my ass was sore:cry: so i went and look at my friends yz250 `06 and his seat is alot softer than mine. Now the question is does it get softer or are the new WR`s seat just harder than the previous years?

It will not get softer... check out there tall seat foams and covers are awesome, I would suggest the medium density foam.:ride:

I have the Guts tall/soft on my 06 WR450. I love it, but it's a little narrow at the top. Best mod I've done.... This is what the tall looks like.


Another vote for Guts tall soft. One of the best mods I've done too.

Guts is indeed an option. I have the tall medium/soft seat. But the seat is also very narrow, which adds to the discomfort. You might want to ask the guys at Guts to make it a little wider if you go with them.

My But loves my guts tall soft also

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