Advice Concerning 2002 200EXC

I just recently purchased a 2003 200 EXC and would like to know what the stock carb settings are suppose to be. It has a FMF Knarly pipe so I do not know how this effects the carb set up. Also, can anyone tell me how the stock pipe compares to the FMF because I have been hearing that stock is the best overall pipe. I would like to know what my stock air screw setting is___, Idling jet size ___, Clip position from top ___, needle # ___ & Main Jet size___.

I am also looking at setting the Powerjet according to the "Langston" setting and need to know what jetting changes I may need to match this setup.

I am looking for a little more low end torgue and a little less top end hit and I have no idea where the jetting or powervalve is at until I get back to my cabin this weekend when I will be on vacation and hope to get this bike better tuned for my riding style which is mostly around tight single track.

Also, if anyone has any thoughts as to what really makes this bike shine like different reeds, Steering stabilizer, auto clutch, heavier flywheel (What size) and rider position adjustments enhancements such Handle bars and/or mounts, different type seat, tank foot pegs and etc.

I also need to pick up a service manual of the bike and would like any suggestions where to go to get the best one for the money. I know, alot of questions but I am a KTM newbie and would like to get up to speed as quickly as possible. I am 190-200lbs and 6' tall and ride at 0 - 500' above sea level in temperatures from 40 to 85 degrees.

2002 or 2003?

Anyway, here are is my jetting for Indiana

My jetting for 1000ft summer temps

Carb Keihin PWK 38 AG. Stock pipe

MJ: 188

PJ: 48

NJ: DCM - 2

Slide: 6.5

AS 1 1/2

I've heard the stock pipe is pretty darned good. The PV would be the cheapest place to start in order to tone down the hit

Thanks for your info Rayin. My bike is a 2002

I'm glad you asked all of that...I was wondering about the same exact stuff!

I'm all ears on this thread!

The jetting specs poted above are for a 2001 200EXC and are not stock. The notable difference is the use of a SUDCO needle as opposed to the triple tapered KTM NOZ - _ needle , the SUDCO needle requires a bigger MJ. Anyhow, the stock jetting is available in the ownermanual - let me know if you want it and I'll post later tonight

STOCK IS 178M, NOZ needle, I think 42pilot.

The Gnarly pipe is a low end pipe and noticeably takes away some of the top hit.

You said"powerjet" with Langston, did you mean power valve? If so it is easy to adjust and doesnt need any carb changes to do this.

I have an 02. As far as making it shine the first thing is to get a single taper needle or a JD kit for it. The DDK is the standard Sudco needle and I use the JD blue. With both as Ray said you need to up 2 sizes on the main. Im at a 185 now.

The next thing is gearing. With the EXC many guys have issues with too low 1st and 2nd and then a gap to 3rd. Some gear it down to not ust 1-2 much, others gear it up to make them more usable. Your choice.

I use a 9oz add on flywheel weight. I found that stock when i tried to lift the front wheel it would spin the tire half the time. The FWW slowed the motor just a little and it now hooks up better to clear logs, whoops, etc.

The next thing and maybe the most important for a KTM is to get the right rear spring for your weight. The linkless rear wont work unless you have the right rear spring. For your weight Im guessing an 8.8 straight rate, i dont knowe the PDS progressive numbers to give you that number too, sorry. The spring has a black part number painted on the coils so you can see what you have. Once you have the right spring then you can get the sag set right.

I would look for a stock KTM manual.

If your riding is woods only then an auto clutch would be real nice.

Did you look at my tips at the top of the page FAQ...........

You might try a stock "02 520SX spring w/the progressive rate . Some don't like the progressive springs . I've tried both that and the straight rate (in the correct size) and I think that the progressive type works nice in the roots/rocks etc . I can't recall exactly which progressive spring I have , but an 8.4 straight seemed good for me on my older 200 ('01 , I think that the swingarm is longer '03-up necessitating a stiffer spring) , I think that they came with a 7.6 then , my '04 had an 8.4 from new . For the forks try .44 or .46 depending on terrain . Set the compression clickers to 1 or 2 clicks from full soft for the woods . Look for about 20-25mm rear sag when you are off the bike and about 100-105 when on it , for a start . The 200's are a fussy bike to set up properly , but they are magic when you get them right . Good Luck

Mike In Fresno, I meant to say powervalve not powerjet so I will see about making some adjustments there first I believe. I will look at the SUDCO needle or JD kit. I purchased a JD kit for my WR400 to help get rid of the bottom end bog so I like what JD has to offer. I will while I am gone on vacation have to see what my bike currently has as far as carb jettinng and suspension set up so that I know where I am at so I can understand where I need to go. It is nice to have some idea's ahead of time while I am figuring it all out.

Enduro Engineering is located in Lansing Michigan and I work close to them so I will stop by to see if I can pick up a owners manual. I might purchase a one tooth larger then stock countershaft sprocket to see if that makes 2nd gear a little more usable, smooth out the hit and give me a little more top end which I think I would like.

I am hoping the springs are correct for my weight as the previous owner said they were but will have to verify this and then set the sag acoordingly.

RayIn & mjg15, thanks for the extra jetting & suspension info as I will keep all that in mind while I am trying to get this bike set up for me.

Does anyone else have anything they would like to add? After this Saturday I will be away from civilization for two weeks just riding my bike out there on all those isolated single tracks. It sure is going to be tough spending all that time on my dirt bike. Thanks so far for all the input. I might actually come back in a couple of weeks knowing a little something.

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