How hot is too hot?

Fellow TTer's need some input as to what is the hottest temp you can take the WR series bike to. I recently put a trail tech Vapor (has a temp gauge) on mine ('03) and going into the Sierra mountains here in Calif. recently got the temp up to 230 degrees. I've had no problems with the bike since. I know in automobiles when you get it to this temp (230 or better) your usually going to blow a head gasket. I did a brief search in the manual with no indication of max. Any ideas?:banghead:

Well, assuming that our engines are at least somewhat similar to that of the Yamaha R1, you should be fine. The R1 manual states that water temperatures up to 242F are fine. If you expect to run hot sometimes, I strongly recommend using synthetic or diesel engine oil because they handle the higher temperatures better than conventional oil (please forgive me for opening Pandora's box by talking about oil!). But if you change your oil every few hours, it may not matter what you use...

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