Scotts oil filter?

I am changing my oil on my yz 426 (first time for me on this bike). The filter is stainless and the metal on ends is blue would this be a scotts oil filter? I just bought a cheap paper filter to ride this week end because that is all dealer had. I hope this is a good find for me . Thanks in advance

Not a Scotts. Maybe a CRT. Look into the open end at the inside of the other end. If you see an Allen head plug down there, it's a CRT. Make sure that plug stays tight.

Yea it has a allen head. Is this good or bad thing? should I replace it?

I would, but I'm kind of a stickler on that. CRT's have slightly less filter media than a Scotts, and I've heard of a couple of them opening along the seam, but on the whole, I guess they work alright.

Not to steal the thread but, were is the cheapest place to buy a new scotts filter? I sold my rr with my last bike, and this bike will be getting a scotts :ride:

Its been a while since I looked, but when I got mine Thumper Talk was the best price.

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