digital computer

does anyone make a digital computer for an 07wr450 that does not lose the odometer reading if you disconnect the battery?

The Trailtech Vapor is a favourite among enduro riders. It has a speedo, trip meter, permanent odometer (doesn't loose memory when power is removed and cannot be reset), permanent hour meter, resettable hour meter, tachometer and even a temperature gauge. Have a look on their website for kits you can buy

I use the Vapor on my 2006. The water temperature feature is really important for me. I found that the motor runs too cold at highway speeds - like 100F to 120F! - so I block my radiator to get the water temp up around 190 to 200. I also like the tach for street, but not that important for dirt.

Anyway... check out the Vapor. I switched to aftermarhets hubs for my 17" street wheels and also for my front dirt wheel. The stock 2006 hub uses the stock computer sending unit as a seal on the right side of the hub. Is that the way a 2007 is?

hey thanks for the info. and i do believe the sending unit is the same as the 06.

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