How busy is the 07 WR450 at 60mph?

How busy is the 07 WR450 at 60mph? Like as in Dual Sporting down a highway or Interstate for an hour or so? Is the motor revving out pretty bad or does it cruise like a KTM?

In 5th, its barely braking a sweat.

In 4th, its in the midrange

This is with the stock gearing. Personally, I wouldn't run this bike with the stock gearing on the freeway for too long. Yeah it'll top out in the 90mph range, but the bike needs a 6th gear or a 15t front sprocket for extended cruising.

If the gearing is the same as my 2006, then it's pretty busy for an hour ride at 60mph. 6400 rpm may not sound that high, but at 60 the motor is under a fairly light load and there is a lot of vibration. A 15 tooth will knock the rpm down to 6000 at 60, which will help. I have put over 5000 street miles - mostly highway - on my bike. The 15-42 sprockets with 150/60R17 tire gives me about 5600rpm at 60, which is very comfortable. When I switch back to the stock dirt wheels, I prefer to go back to the 14 tooth on the front since I primarily do tight woods riding. Just leaving on a 15 all the time may be fine if your dirt riding is more open.

An issue for highway riding - the water temperature is only 60F above ambient when cruising (I have a Vapor computer that displays water temp). So the water temp is only 100 to 150 F which makes for an engine and oil temp that is possibly too cold for running the engine at continuous relatively high rpm. Blocking half the radiator adds another 40F. I usually run about 85%blocked to get my water temp to 190 - 200F. You could just stick in a couple pieces of cardboard in the front guard fins while on the road, then take them out on the trail. I made white plastic sliding radiator shields that I can adjust on the fly, but then again I spend a lot of time on the road.

How bad would it be to ride a WR450F 340 miles on a state highway? I could stop once an hour or so.

Also for those that Dual Sport, how long do you go b/t oil changes? Could the bike possibly do a 800 mile Dual Sport ride w/o changing the oil?

With the stock tank you will have to stop at least once an hour.........

I would have a Clarke/IMS tank.

i do 60mph over whoops in the desert... you should do fine on the highway!

We raced the bike from Vegas2Reno with 14/45 gearing, averaged 45mph for 12hrs 29 minutes, we hit 100 mph for long stretches. The bike is bullet proof, except the rims:excuseme: I guess excel rims will dent when you hit 2' tall rocks at 65 mph, but they got us to the finish... Jeff S

I think you are mis-understanding my question. I'm fully capable of riding the bike on the highway. I run B VET in Enduros. I was referring to the constant high RPM/comfort/vibration/small oil capacity standpoint. I won't be doing any racing on this bike, that is what my GasGas 2 stroke is for. I want to know how it cruises down down the road because I will be Dual Sporting it in Colorado and it will require a 350 mile highway ride back to the truck. Just this one trip every year it will get treated to the highway deal and the long oil change interval of 800 miles. Everything else will be in the woods and mountains with short stints on fire roads or hard top.

Think the WR450F could handle that without causing some issues? It won't be putt putted that is for sure.

The WR can handle it, but it is not a KTM. The KTM and its 6th gear make highway cruising much more easy/comfortable.

The WR can handle it, but it is not a KTM. The KTM and its 6th gear make highway cruising much more easy/comfortable.

Yeah, I know you are right. I think this might be a waste of money.

My wife gave me the idea of just renting a bike for that one trip. I looked into it and sure enough there are several outfits that rent Dual Sported DRZ's for about $110 a day. I think that is the route I am going to go instead of buying another bike. It would also allow me to fly up and back, which probably would cost the same as driving.

Also for the Vegas to Reno race I want to do, I going to hook up with BajaBound for a rental bike and support. I am digging this rental stuff. It solves a lot of problems for those of us who don't live out west.

I will just put all the lights and stuff back on my GasGas and go plate it for the other stuff I do.

I can rest now.

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