Any dads out there have or have had a PW 80? I just picked one up used (1999) and it shifts roughly. I also noticed when I put the bike in gear and I just sit, not moving the bike rocks back and forth like it wants to move forward. It seems like the auto clutch needs adjusting . Does anyone know if there is a adjustment on these bikes. Thanks Dan :)

If it is anything like the TTR-90, there is only the clutch release adjustment, a little locknut arrangement on the left side crankcase...

Otherwise, you probably need to get in and check the friction plates, the clutch plates, the springs, and the clutch shoes (inside the clutch housing), the things that actually engage and disenegage the clutch as revs rise or fall...

You may want to get the manual from the dealer, it is good for these sorts of things, exploded diagrams etc are useful when you come back to the job after going off and getting the parts, they help you to put everything back together...



:) The only other thing to check is that the idle is not too high, If it is the clutch is spinning out enough to try and take up the drive, I found this out after de-restricting my sons 80 :D

So does anybody have any ideas on how to de-restrict a TTR-90?

Herkypilot :)

The idle is set high. I'll try lowering it and see what happens. Thanks Dan :)

I have looked and asked, but there does not seem to be a restrictor on them... I think the intake systema nd the pipe are restrictive, but pulling the guts out of the muffler will not make more power, only noise, then they are not a backyard kids bike anymore... I think a aftermarket pipe and a cam with a bit more duration would be about it...



:D Have you checked where the exhaust mates to the cylinder, On the PW a Large steel washer is bonded to the gasket with a 10mm hole in the middle..No wonder it's restricted!! :)

You are right for the PW80, but the TTR-90 has no exhaust washer... it is just as it is...

How is your son enjoying his bike anyway? The inlaws tell emthat the weather in the Midlands is getting better, you must be doing more riding these days...



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