Replace Woodruff Key?

I just picked up a 2000 YZ426 and have read the threads about the Woodruff key issue. My question is: Do I need to replace it if it isn't making noise? I don't see the benefit. I think it might make more sense to remove the retaining nut, apply some red loctite and torgue it back down. That should keep it from coming loose.


There's no need to replace it if it's not loose. The nut has a foldover lock washer on it as it is. If you're concerned about it, you might open it up and check the torque, but the Loc-Tite isn't strictly necessary, either. It would help, of course, but it's not called for.

I had my 00 for six years and never replaced the key, if it's not making noise just leave it be.

My '00 426 has original key with 500+ hrs, it seems some have the problem and some don't, if its not making noise leave it alone, I have had a key in my tool box for 7 yrs. Mike

Thanks, I will just leave well enough alone. I bought the key and a flywheel puller just in case I ever need them. I am pretty anal about taking care of my stuff and trying to fix things before they become a problem. By the way, I rode the bike for the first time yesturday and I was floored by the power. I have always had XR's and this is my first motocross style bike. I wish I would have bought one years ago.

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