new sprockets for chain

Hey guys,

Time for a new chain and sprockets on my 426. I'm running stock gearing now but i think i'm gonna try bumping the rear sprocket up two teeth. I do some trail riding and always find i'm slipping the clutch in first to keep running. Think +2 in the rear would help me out? Would i see any rubbing issues with the chain guide? It looks pretty tight in there now..

Also this bike came with a new regina chain... are these any good? HOw can i be sure that it will fit with a bigger rear sprocket? (part# 11-9139-120)

What type of sprockets would you guys recommend that lean towards the longevity side? I"M not too worried about any weight savings or such.


I would replace the chain at the same time to prevent premature wearing of your new sprockets.

Yea i have a new in box regina chain i wanted to pair up with some new sprockets. Just wanted to make sure it was long enough to go +2 in rear?

i am running a 51t on the back of my yz400f with no clearance issue.

I went up 2 in the rear and had no problems. The regina chain is a good one, buy a 120 link and cut it to size.

You may be able to fit a 114 over a 51, but it could be close. I never worry about this because I always buy the 120's, as suggested.

I put on a 14/50 combo on my 426 and love it. Cut my chain to 114 links and it works perfect. Nice increase in grunt power and can't even notice a top end speed loss. Partly cause it's just too fast for me, I can't get it up to top speed before remembering my wife/job/and quality of life!

The 51t sprocket will work fine on the rear. Regina's are excellent good in fact that I just use the cheap steel Primary Drive sprockets and do not have any wear issues.

How many links is the chain that you have? I believe the stock chain length will work with the 51t rear. If you are concerned about it you could always go with a 13t front sprocket and stay with the 49t rear...but that would be slightly lower gearing than using a 51t rear, probably about like using a 52 rear and 14 front.

if i'm reading the part number correctly, i think 120

what sprockets would u recommend me to get that arent top $, something like sunstar or afam?

I get very good service from Tag rears, which I have heard are re-branded AFAM's. In any case, they're about $60, and they're hard anodized, so they hold up very well compared to Sunstars or Renthals. Light, too.

Any good steel front should be fine.

The Regina ORN6 O-ringer on my '03 has been there for a ridiculously long time, and is still in good condition.

Thanks. I've read your posts about the regina and want to try that one the next time around. Just figured i'd burn up this one first since its free and new :)

The quality of the materials in the non-sealed Regina chains shouldn't be any different than those used in the ORN6. So, with proper maintenance, it should hold up very well. The key, as you know, is that the pins and bushings stay lubed and free of dirt.

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