1994 rxl 650 wont start

I have had this problem befor . after rideing bike down to the beach came home parked in the garage .The next morning the pig wont stast .Itook off the spark plug wire NO SPARK. posably bad coil bad black box kick stand switch kill switch in handle bar.???????::

take a look at your kickstand and clutch switches. also make sure your kill switch is off!

Being that it is a 94 I would start with the Cdi box. If it is not that, then you know it is working when trouble shooting. That box will be going soon anyway!

do you know how to bypass the kick stand I HAVE NEVER HERD OF A CLUTCH SWITCH ???

Thanks I Am Going To Check Thoes Switches Now

Yeah, just take both wires going to the clutch switch and ground them both- all "crank" and "run" safeties bypassed.


nice job dave.:thumbsup:

check the kill switch I found on my 2004 that if it was slightly pushed in the off position barely unseated it would not start

Get your meter out and start checking the switches!:prof:

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