Gorman ride report

If you didn't make the ride you missed out. On Saturday I met up with SocalWR426 and Bman. I had never ridden the area before. Both Socal and Bman had been there and led the ride. We rode out of Lower Scrub Oak campground and started to climb some really big mountain. I don't know the name of it but it was tough technical singletrack. Both Socal and Bman were flying. Myself, well I was way behind. I actually crashed on the way up the mountain. Nothing major but it still counts. After getting up that mountain I found Socal and Bman patiently waiting. They did a lot of waiting for me on the ride. Thanks guys! I know I slowed them down but they were really cool about it. We proceeded through some killer forest trails. At one point we were riding across patches of snow and ice. I came around a corner and saw both Socal and Bman in a tangled heap on a sheet of ice that was about 30 yards long. I thought they might be hurt. I stopped my bike and started to jump off to help. Before my feet hit the ground I could hear Bman laughing like a kid, so was Socal. Relieved I went to help them get untangled. As soon as I set foot on that ice I was on my ass. Bman got a huge kick out of my fall. So did I. So there we are in the middle of the forest all on our backsides on this slab of ice laughing like children. It was great! Nobody was hurt except for Socals Protapers. After that we were off on more epic trailriding. The guys made me ride point for a couple of times. Believe me I didn't want to ride point but there I was with the guys pushing me to gas it! Socal noticed that my suspension was too tight and during a rest stop recommended I backoff the compression. I helped! We ended up riding about a 30 mile loop back to the trucks and had lunch. It was then that Socal noticed that he had Bmans tire tracks on his back. Don't ask where Bmans front fender ended up! After lunch we started to do the same loop in reverse. I had some plans and had to turn around after climbing a really cool single track. The guys continued on. I rode back to the trucks loaded up and went home. On the way out I ran into someone I hadn't seen in about 13 years. We talked for about an hour. I was late getting home and I caught some flack but the whole trip was worth it. Hey Socal, Bman how was the second loop? I bet you two flew without having to wait up for me. Let's do it again. If you missed this ride you missed out. Try and make the next. Later

Sounds like you had a great ride. I had a race on Sunday in which I crashed my brains out in, I will make it down to ride with the likes of SoCal, BMan and yourself soon. Hopefully before the snow melts. I rode Indian Dunes as a kid and loved it. I am certain that Gorman probably isn't all that different. Was anyone sound checked while you were up there?


No sound checks. Just head for the hills!

I was out at Gorman on Sunday 3/3/02 and a Ranger was waiting for me on the bottom of Gold Hill Trail on the paved road waiting for me. He sound checked my E Series pipe and found it blowing a 104DB. The legal limit is currently 101 and it will go to 96 by the end of the year. I have all 12 disks in the pipe. I received a warning and was told that I need to take care of it or the next time it will be $250 and then an impound. I checked with White brothers and they are back ordered for the Quiet Core II. I was told that the Quiet Core i may still be around and that it reduces the noise level by 5-6 DB but that still will not get me down below 96. Anyone know how much it will go down if I remove the the disks and if so how many? White brothers suggested getting the deflector and a pillow packing???

No sound checks. Just head for the hills!

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