XRL frame strengthening

HI all,

In a couple of months I will be stripping down my 95 XR650L for a powder coating and I was wondering if anyone would recommend strengthening the frame. Does the frame have any weak spots or is it generally strong enough for hard trail use?

Any advice much appreciated

if you are that far, definately. there are weak points, i cant remember em but there have been recent posts on this.

basically anywhere that the subframe joins the frame itself, Ive seen a few snap from hauling stuff on the back

Typically if you're not carrying loads behind the seat, its good as is.

Some folks have broken the frame just behind the seat-bolts, or around the last (or next-to-last?) bracket that goes from the left-sidfe to the right-side under the seat/in front of the fender.


Thanks guys, good advice as always. :thumbsup:

Best dust off the welder then !

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