Advise needed "disaster"!!!!!

They say you learn by your mistakes.

Well I have once again, in the worst way. While changing my drive sprocket for a weekend ride, I noted that my chain joiner had been worn, and when rejoining it did not feel to clip in strongly I was going to replace it right there and then, but didnt, wrong move!

Went out for a quick test ride to check top speed (trip computer had 159km/h)and wheelie practice up my favorite hill some 800 metres long.

All going strong, when BANG lost the chain, and with it, a chunk of my lefthand casing. (see pics)

I need to know if this is repairable without replacing the cases, as I had an estimate today of $2000.00AUS this would mean no riding for some time, and that is unthinkable

Any suggestions???



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For what is its worth, I would try an epoxy putty. The epoxy comes in a stick that has an inner and outter core. All you do is kneed the putty to activate. You can then form a patch for the missing area. Just make sure the area is free from any oil residues first. This will give a trouble free cure for the cost of the epoxy stick!

You can even machine, file and paint the epoxy after it sets. I believe Loctite or Permatex sells this product.



The case is aluminum isn't it? That can be welded back as long as you have the piece that broke out. I'm pretty sure it can be welded without taking the cases apart but you might. sorry for all the guessing but I couldn't view your pics.

The cases can be welded and filled in without the missing piece by a good welder. Many early 750 Hondas had thrown chains and they would break out a piece 3" around, We would disassemble the engine and have it welded by the local Alum. sign builder, not that complicated. My son's TTR broke out a piece the size of a half dollar, I lined the case with stainless steel and filled it in with JB Weld for a temp. fix but its been a year now and OK. mike

What about case savers to stop this from happening ? Anybody use them? Do they really work ? Who sells them ?

if you're welding you'll need to strip the engine and degrease the cases or the weld won't flow.


Behind the stock f/sprocket cover there is a factory case saver. I know because it kept my thrown chain from destroying my engine. I will NEVER take that thing off. It is made of aluminum and is worth the weight!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the feedback guys!

Its been fixed (temp)I went back to the place it happened and found the main piece which was then glued back into position with a special epoxy resin adhesive.

As for the case saver it was connected to the chunk that went to god, only good for rocks ect jambing, not a thrown chain.

Jaz, I think you're right about the function of the "case saver". A friend of mine's chain broke last week and took the case saver with it. The lower boss that the case saver bolts into was torn off the motor and is going to have to be welded/drilled/tapped to be able to be used again.

OK I'm convinced I need a case saver but all I have is the 'guard' that I have taken off. Is this what you refer to as the case saver. I doubt it would withstand anypunishment as it appears to be made of plastic.

Where can I get a good aluminium case saver from ???

The guard contains the case saver. If you take the plastic part off, there's an aluminum case saver built into it. I'm now convinced that the weakest link in the case saver is not the case saver itself, but the connection to the case. It looks like the case saver getting smacked by the chain imparts enough force to break the mounts off of the motor. Now what do we do?

If the case saver is the flat quarter-moon shaped piece under the cover, the only thing it might be good for is scraping mud off the chain- and I doubt it can handle that. I removed my cover for a really muddy moto last summer and put the scraper back on.(I swear my seems to be plastic!) I also resolved to see if the much stronger piece used on my buddy's YZ250 might accidently fit. Of course I forgot all about doing that till now. Even if I have to make one it is going to get some serious beef down there.

B&B Aluminum in Australia sells a chain case guard for the wr along with some other goodies. I wish I could figure out how to do links to websites (sorry) :)

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