YZ off road- why not WR?

I have an '06 YZ450F, and my buddy has an '07 WR450F. I rode my buddies WR450F and a '06 YZ450 before making my decision. Once you get the WR unplugged it does pretty well. But WR power is boring to me, which is good for tight trails, but at the same time, I like the hit of the YZ power when trying to seat bounce big whoops, and pivoting corners, and breaking the back end loose.

The WR has too light of suspension. I'm lighter then my buddy that has his WR, and he completely bottoms out on the lip of small jumps without even getting air born yet. Just a few experiences but bottom line stats IMO:

WR goods

-Electrical(odo, speedo, elec. start, headlight)

-18" rear wheel

-stock spark arrestor

-wide pegs

-soft suspension

-bigger tank



WR bads

-Electrical-More shit to brake, fix etc


-Needs uncorked before enjoyable

-Suspension is soft, but TOO soft

-Not exciting to ride

YZ goods



-Light as hell

-Can easily be made into a WR eater on the trails.

YZ bads

-No electrical

-Smaller tank

-Doesn't have any of the things that make the WR good, but doesn't have anything the WR has to make it bad either. That should tell you it's like comparing apples and oranges, it's just you can make a YZ into a trail beast way easier then you can make a WR into a descent MX bike. And a WR doesn't even come out of the box as a trail beast, you still have to get your handguards, rid the plastic skid plate, and unplug it.

Well, since we're both in NM maybe we could hook up and go riding and I could try your WR and see for myself!

Where abouts are you and where do you ride? I'm up by Clayton and when I hit the woods, I go to either Red River or the Canadian River by Amarillo TX. Otherwise, I ride the MX track in Raton.

hey, would be nice but im on the other side of the state. perhaps someday though.

I dont think you could go wrong with either though.

I actually own both of these bikes. Both are 04's, a yz450f and wr250f. I had the WR first. The WR has all the free mods and the yz has WB E2 exhaust, powernow, protaper throttle, and the quickshot. Honestly, the wr wins out in gas millage and convinience, but I love the YZ. I've ridden both my bikes within the same week as a 07 yz250, and a 2002 wr426. All had there plusses but I think the YZ450f is my favorite. Power everywhere, controlable, fast, forgiving, I just can't say enough about how much I like the bike. I ride forest, MX, and badlands. I can't see getting rid of that bike if you have it already. I paid $1,000 less for my YZ than my WR, but would never trade. Keep the 450. That's just my opinion, and someone else will have another, so good luck, and do what works for you.

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