This sucks

Bike: '03 450F

Problem: Stuck Bearing

Location: Little 3 hole piece part of the linkage that has 2 holes for bearings. Think its called a connector arm?

Last night, I started working on my bike. I haven't ridden it all summer because back in may or early June my linkage started of course I took it apart to lube it and when I did that the bearings fell apart. :foul: Oh well. Spent the summer saving up money. (I usually make a lot more, but because of the drought in my area the grass hasn't been growing much) I finally scraped together some money so that I could get the bearings. They get here, I work on putting them in, and I destroy one of them putting it in!!:censored:

The shell of one of the old bearings is whats giving me all the trouble. It simply won't come out. I thought that I could bash the old shell out with the new bearing, but that destroyed the new bearing. Do I have any options? A new connector arm (if thats what its called) is $100. Couple that with the cost of one OEM bearing and it will be like $120 or so. :banghead: (There is no point in paying another $85 for a whole set when I only need one bearing.)


It is preaty simple to do. Take a socket in size of outer diamiter of bearing put it on old bearking and take big hammer and hit it .....hit...hit.......;-) If you have hydrauic press then take the socket and push out old bearings using the socket and press.

mine got stuck on me last year. i hit it and hit it until i broke the little edge off of the bearing. i had to use a hack saw and cut the bearing and then use a nail to pry the bearing away from the wall rite next to where i cut it. worked for me. when ur putting them in use a long bolt with a big washer on the head of the bolt so it cant go up through where ur tryin to get the bearing into. then get ur bearing and put it down over ur bolt then get a washer the same size as the bearing and lay it on top of the bearing. then put ur nut on the bolt and start to tighten it down. remember to put some oil or lube on the outside of ur bearing before u install it, and it should slip in a lot easier then hitting it in. if ur bearings were stuck in the first place i would try to clean out the linkage a bit before installing the new ones. hope this helps.

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