ok here it is... my first!!

after lots of research and many hours of talking to folks. i have made the jump. i went from dirt to the dual sport. i just picked up a 2000 xr650l for $1000. its in perfect running order. i feel that was a great deal. only has 45000 miles on it. i don't think the kid knew what it was worth. its bone stock but who cares... it wont be for too long!!! :) anyways you will see me on here more now as im really new to this... i am going to ask the newb question.... what is the best mod to do first? im thinking daves mod and a pipe. this will be ridden on the street everyday and the trails as well. im not planning on making this my "street bike" its just really a good way to get to work just 2 miles away. enjoy som pix of my baby girl.



you stole that bike. LOL

45,000 is a lot of miles, but $1000 is not a lot of money. :thumbsup:

I'd do a pipe and jetting first. I never really like the sound of stock pipes.

Even with 45,000 miles, $1,000 for a 2000 650L is just a steal.

The first "mod" I'd do is take it apart, lube the things that need to be lubed, adjust the things that need to be adjusted, change the fluids, and while it's apart peek around for things that are broken or (more likely) worn out. Once the bike gets a clean bill of health I'd move on to adding performance.


$45,000 miles! :excuseme: Did you mean 4,500? Price is right for 45,000.

im with HT on this, you got a hell of a deal! do daves mods and a pipe first. at same time get a uni foam filter and remove the snorkel. 45,000 is high mileage, but if it doesnt smoke(prob. does!) get a set of rings and hone it. just check the gears for any pitting when you have the cylinder off. congrats on your new pig, and welcome to the family!:thumbsup:

If 45k is the mileage and you're going to do some mods, maybe a high compression piston and cam should be on the list!:thumbsup:

my bad guys.. its only 4500. and i already have the uni. i am removing the snorkel and doing daves mod today. and while im in there i will be looking for loose/broken/wornout parts. thats a givin. i don't know the last owner so i don't know what he did. oil change and lube up as well. anyone running the kenda 206 tires? i was told they are good to run on these.

4500 miles?? 1000 bucks??? i hope you gave a reach around!LOL!:busted:

I live in Colorado and will drive to your house TODAY And write you a check for $1500.00!

For real....chucksls@comcast.net

no deal i love this thing!!


:excuseme: How could the kid (how old? ) be so far off ?

Did he buy it or his Dad bought it for him?

Your not BSing us now are you :naughty:

no he was 21 and had done some work for this guy and was paid with this bike. he wasn't into riding it so he sold it. i found him on craigslist. he wanted 1000 and i didn't eve try to talk him down. i call everyone a kid. sorry for the confusion. not pulling your leg. i paid $1000 for this bike with only 4500 miles.

We should get a Colorado/Wyoming pig riders BBQ together or something.

Even though you guys are riding Ladies bikes :p

i'd love to meet the amazon who can throw a leg over an L!:busted:

i'd love to meet the amazon who can throw a leg over an L!:busted:

i would too.... she would have to have some long strong legs!!:p

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