1st Valve Check - Oil Change question(the process, not the kind of oil =).

Hey guys -

I have an 02 YZ426.

I attempted my 1st valve check today and it couldn't have gone better. I was able to get to the valve's, all were in spec and looked good! I was very excited that they were in good shape! I did notice some dirt/gunk in my spark plug hole that worried me a bit. Any ideas on how to clean it out without pulling the plug and coating the top of the piston with dirt?

I also changed the oil in my bike for the 1st time.(I bought it used in May and have run about 8-10 hours since) so it was time for a change. I was able to do everthing but I could NOT get the screen out at the bottom of the frame. The book says it's torqued to 65 ft.lbs. Anyone have a trick or the best way to get this out? I pulled as hard as I could and no budge.

Thanks for the help!


dont bother with the screen not much comes out

kinda point less as far as the sparky i dont know how stuff got in

Unless there's been some major failure, or an overhaul done, there's not much reason to pull the screen. It's analogous to the pickup screen in the crankcase of a wet sump system, and they never get cleaned unless the engine's apart, mostly.

It requires a 6-point, 26mm deep socket, and someone to hold the bike.

Thanks Gray!

I was thinking it may be the least necessary part of changing the oil but wanted to make sure!

Thanks for all the help! I love TT, it's great for learning how to maintain my bike.



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