Keyed Ignition Switch for WR-450 (Key Switch)

I just installed a Keyed Ignition Switch from E-Line / ElectroSport on my 2007 WR-450. :thumbsup:

It comes with a connector that matches the stock Yamaha connector, however the pins are in the wrong spots and need to be pushed out and moved to the correct locations.

It comes with four wires. 1-Pair Normally Open, and 1-Pair Normally Closed, so it can be used to replace either the Kill Switch on the handlebars or the Push On/Push Off Ignition Switch behind the headlight.

I used it to replace the Push On/Push Off Ignition Switch behind the headlight and made a simple mount out of 16 guage sheet metal with a 1"+ hole and a 90 degree bend in the right side. I attached this bracket to the right-side headlight mount bolt. I filled the back side of the switch with silicone, then wrapped the switch and the wiring harness with electrical tape to seal out water. In this configuration, the red wire on the switch connects to the red wire in the bike harness and the black wire on the switch connects to the brown wire in the bike harness. The other two wires from the switch are not connected. The stock switch bracket needs to be cut off with a hacksaw to make room. (Alternately, you could remove the stock bracket and make a more elaborate mount for the headlight and the new switch.)

Part Number: 1276-01

Description: Dakar Handlebar Switch Boxless

$25.00 plus shipping

I did kind of the same thing ,but I used a yamaha blaster key switch . with only two wires to hook up . the other two are for the led on the stock button

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