Scotts Dampener Mounting Question...

Ok, so ordered a Scotts dampener from one of our fellow TT'ers last week (Thanks Chris :) ), I should have it later this week.

I'm running Renthol bars, and know that I need to "modify" the cross bar to accomodate the dampener. I believe that a minimum of 44mm is required to fit the dampener. Who's mounted a dampener with either stock bars or with any after market bar with a crossbar, and how did you bend the crossbar to make room for the dampener??

Need a little guidance before I start bending things on the scoot :D !

Thanks in advance;

Dodger :D:D

Mount everything up including the handlebars. Unbolt the crossbar and install the damper. Now take the crossbar and stick the last inch of the crossbar in a vise and bend it a little. Flip it over and do the other end. It doesn't take much at all to give adequate clearance. Use Red Loc-Tite on the crossbar clamps and you're done.

Another option is to turn the damper around and mount it backwards, you only need about ~38 mm, maybe less, you can even install your crossbar pad.

I know the standard Renthal bar in Carmichael bend (if they even make those anymore) has room to spare.

Just remove the damper arm, rotate 180º, and reinstall to make it work backwards.

Hope this helps...

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