2007 WR450 Filter Type?

Hey guys,

I've just got my bike back from the mechanics (fixing a stripped thread), and I've found a lot of metal fragments left in my oil filter. A friend of mine has suggested two different methods of cleaning the metal from the engine depending on what type of filter the bike has.

If the bike uses a 'full-flow' filter type, then I should just put a new filter and oil in, run the engine, and check if there is metal left in the filter. If the bike uses a 'bypass' filter type, then I should create a mixture of half kerosene, half oil, and run that through the bike without starting it.

Does anyone know what type of oil filtration system the 2007 WR450 uses, and does anyone have any other suggestions wrt clearing he engine of metal fragments?

Thanks in advance :)

Bypass type (on initial start up), but just put a new filter and oil in it.

Some metal fragments are normal for break in, as long as they are not chunks or teeth.

You could give it a diesel flush. This is also one of the best ways to get water out of the engine too.

Thanks for the advice mate.

I put a new filter in and ran the engine for 5 minutes. There was one more long piece of metal thread in the filter, but that was all. Hopefully there hasn't been any major damage.

Hey Angry Rabbit, One of the best things you can get is a sump magnet, although I'm not sure about the 07's.

In the 06, it stops that crunge getting sucked up by the oil pump, pumped into the frame, into the oil pump again and then into the filter.

You'll find that it also picks up a lot of fine metal that can be so fine as to pass through the filter.

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