Please help, oil change question!!

Hey, i am new to 4 strokes and am not totally shure how to change the oil. Where do i drain it, Where and how much do i put in. Step by step would be a great help. By the way its and 03' yz 450

Oh, another question, my oil seems to be disapeering. I dont think its the oil ring because it would smoke right? Most likly a leek?

oh one more thing. When the engine unstarted sits for a while, does the oil run back down out of the frame back into crank case?

Oil change:

Use the procedure on the page below for the '03 and up models. It's exactly the same. Actually, I do an abbreviated version:

1> Run the engine for 90 seconds, then shut off and drain the frame downtube (tip: turn the front wheel to the side, and hold the pan up close to the drain plug to avoid a mess)

2> Remove and service the oil filter

3> Drain the sump (crankcase, only the large drain point on the bottom)

4> Refill, run the engine, verify oil level.

Disappearing oil: It's a dry sump system. The oil supply is carried in a reservoir separate from the engine, and when you let it sit, oil runs down from the tank to the crankcase. If you check the oil at that point without first running the engine, the oil level will appear low, when it actually isn't. Whenever checking oil level, run the engine first, let it sit 30 seconds, then check it sometime between then and 15 minutes after shutdown. A good practice is to check oil at the end of each ride.

alright thanks alot. So, 1.4L of oil right?

alright thanks.

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