Little Hole in the gaz tank

I have a little crack in my gaz tank, anybody have a solution for repair it ???? I have do a research on this site and find nothing helful. :cry: I dont whant to put another $300.00 on this bike. :foul::foul::foul::foul:

Is it plastic or metal ?

Weld it.

I have seen a posting about this in the past. I don't think any won came up with a real good plan for it. Some one had a link to a company that sold some kind of plastic repair compound. But the main consensus was to replace it. I would not not recomend repairing it. Their are some used ones on E-bay or you could go this route:

The tank is on my WR400 1998 and its in plactic.

Ok for the welding kit ......but will cost more than a new tank.....

I had a small hole on my YZ125 gas tank a while ago and fixed it myself with the epoxy from a fiber glass repair kit (bought at Canadian Tire for less then $15 at the time). Had the bike 2 more years after that with no problems :-)

You can take a piece of plastic to cover it up and rivet it into place i think, never done it myself but ive seen it done.

i d put a waterproof plaster over the hole seems to work well when i get holes in my skin

The tank is on my WR400 1998 and its in plactic.

IMO plastic flexes too much to trust a repair. eBay is ok but you don't always know what you are getting. These guys would be my choice. $175 to $199.

I bought a wr 450 tank on ebay about a month ago it cost £18 + £10 p&p and was in great condition, just check the feedback comments.

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