Yz 426 runing to rich ???


My bike always started better with hot-start when hot/warm (not after crash...). Today I saw few more things. End of my exhaust is black after few rides and my bike is killing the plugs, not during a ride but after, when I'm going to start it next day, usually changing plug helps.

Please tell me if these are common problems when bike is running to rich?

yes way way too rich....

what is your jetting?



needle clip

I'll check my jetting tomorrow now I've got night in Poland;-)

The previous owner said that it has factory jetting.

I ride 200m over see level and humidity 75-80% and temperature over 24 degrees Celcius.

I'll check the jetting and we'll see.

I've checked my jetting today and I think I found the problem.

MJ: 162

PJ: 42

needle: 4

Which is ok for 700 ft, 80 F.

But mu fuel screw was 1 3/4 turn out and manual says that it should be 1 1/4 turn out, is this a problem?

Do I found the problem or fuel screw is not responsible for my problems?

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