XR650L oil pressure problems!

Hi everyone. First timer here. I have a 2003 XR650L that I just resealed the cyl head and base gasket and i am having an issue with getting oil to move from the oil pump to the filter and cyl head. Oil pump looks good put new o rings on it did not get the oil lines swapped. It does return oil to the frame but no oil comes out the hole going into the oil filter housing. HELP IF YOU CAN MAN. thanks

it does take a while to get oil moving in these engines if they have been O/H..

oil is filling up oil tank but not oil filter housing. I checked and cleaned the strainer not sure what is up. driving me crazy:crazy:

sounds like you have a restriction somewhere. check your flex lines at the bottom of the down tube, may be twisted/kinked.

Also, if you drained the oil from the pump, you must prime the pump.


What would be the best way to prime the pump. over fill? A little air pressure, sit over night?

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