No TPS, No Problem!

So, Throttle Position Sensor is bad, parts back-ordered till mid September.

Local shop calls yami service rep, he said it's ok to disconnect TPS and run. Will not hurt CDI, just defaults to 2d mapping, 2d only no 3d. OK!

Rode today the bike was great. Without TBS seem smoother, ignition advance seems slower. The bike hooked up better with a nice smooth hit in the middle. I ride trails only, might not be great for mx. It worked good for trails!

I've struggled with TPS from day one, thought it was a jetting problem, it was not.

the bike will think that its at WOT at all time so it would kinda feel sluggish down low.

I also disconnected the TPS on my 2006 450F on the advice of Eddie Sisneros (Burned), the moderator on the jetting thread, to assess and/or fix my mid-throttle RPM stuttering problem. It worked perfectly. I ride MX exclusively and haven't had any problem with sluggishness on the low end. I was going to test connected / unconnected back-to-back, but I was having some much fun with the sensor disconnected that I never got around to reconnecting the sensor.

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