Glamis Killas

I would say go ten paddle. I have a Cheng Shin 10 paddle and im very pleased lots of traction. 8 paddle imo is to small.

You sand guys $UCK !!!! (I mean that in a jeleous way !!!!)

All's I ever ride in is rocks, tree roots, muddy deep ruts....... I think I've had my YZ in 5th gear once since i've owned it !

That rolling sand looks so inviting for a big bore bike to be held WO.... someday i'll get out west to try sand riding.....

Here in Phoenix you can rent a bike for about $125 a day. I did years ago and had no problems even though I rode it really hard for the day. It was a crf 450r in great shape.

just got back from pismo today, was able to do wheelies with only a knobby:ride:

A paddle is not a must in the sand, its definatly nice tho!!!!

I go to the oregon coast dunes, (coos bay, winchester bay, florence)

often 5-7 weekends a year, I know the best choice (bar none) is skat track haulers for quads ,aka banshee,s yfz450s ect, I own 2 banshees.

I have a kings turbo 8 paddle on my 89 RMX 250 (piped and big jets)

it does fine, but my friend on a 04 yz 250, been sand riding since age 5ish

swears by the skat track (Viper). I think the skat track (hooker) is almost the same just padles are not renforced as much, the group rides three yz 250's, 2 yz450fs and a wr250f and he allways!!!!!!!! makes us look stupid. :worthy: :worthy: He also has the only viper,

he is a great rider for sure, and has done a lot of riding in the sand on a lot of different bikes,thats got to say something (He loves the skat track tires).

I would look into that for sure.

they also custom make just about anthing you could concieve of for any type of vehicle, sand dragsters ect ect.

Just got my 07 wr 450f, (2weeks old) back from dealer,(had a big oil leak, R side case gasket). freemods done, grey wire,billet insert jd jet kit, yz screw,snorkle ect.

rips around my 2.5 acres, time to get it out of the yard.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup::ride:

riding is so great. I love this bike!!!!!!!

Ok i am hearing a lot of people saying that the 10 paddle is the best compared to the 8. I believe you guys but my friend who owns a 250f says that all his buddies run the 8 paddle on there 450 bikes and that it is the best. I'm just a little confused still and what is the good brand you guys are mentioning cheyn or whatever, skat trak? Also keep this pictures comming those are sweet I will try to get my pictures up as well.

Thanx Mike

Either will work. A 10 gives more traction, even to the point that you may have to work the clutch a bit on a standing start, and an 8 gives you a little more impressive roost.

The scat track viper is a mean tire, you have to send them a carcass then they glue on as many paddles as you want.

I run a viper on my 500AF I sent them a 19" maxxis IT and got a 12 blade viper back, cost me just under $150 shipped both ways.


It hooks awsome!!!!

I would run an 8 blade viper on a 450.

8 cup is more fun to me. More then enough traction and you can slide and drift easier. 10 cups just want to go too straight. Forget those paddles with the ridges between the cups. The one with the ridge down the center sucks cause it doesn't allow the cup to dig deep into the sand. The one with the ribs on the edge doesn't allow you to drift.



the new bike... I don't like the 10 cup, I'm going back to the 8 cup ole faithful.


I ride Glamis 3 times a year, last year I took my 06 450 with the following mods, 48 rear sprocket, FMF Speed pipe, Carb Mod, Race Radiators and a 10 paddle Skat Trac tire. The bike was out of control the tire hooked up great, the only problem I had was the rear was very shifty,on some of the big dunes the bike would labor, after switching to a 8 paddle Kings tire I was able to wheelie up china wall no problem. The 450's kick butt in the dunes

I would love to ride at Glamis.

I was reading all the treads on the forums talking about how awesome it was out there.

Then that night they aired Epic Ride where they went to Glamis.

I told my wife that would be an awesome vacation.

So you guys who are close by. Man you are lucky!!

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