Carb Filtering Oil And O Ring Issues

Ok Guys,


Engine rebuild done, engine in the frame, all together rode the bike, oil pissing from the 2 oil lines at the front of the engine. Why? I didn't put it the O-Rings:bonk: :banghead: . Anyway, called the local and surrounding HOnda Dealers for spec Orings. Non available. As a matter of fact Canada is on back order for a @#@# ORing. What BS. Have any of you used anyother Orings for this? the specs are 1.9 mm by 9.8 mm. I can't find anything here in parts sources that is the same. I found 10.1 mm by 2.2, or 10.1 by .7mm but not the same. How close do I have to be to be effective? I've looked on xrs site but didn't see the part there. Where can I find the two orings so that I don't have to wait 5 weeks to ride.

Next, I only put 5 km on the bike, so I'll dump the oil but want to put it back in the bike. To ensure that no crap is returned, what would be the best way to filter the oil? Hand towels? Cooking strainer? I have no idea. I've already #$#ed up the bike enough by puting it in the frame, so I'd like to limit the damage more.

Damage????? Listen to this. I was tightening the oil line bolt that holds the two oil lines together at the front of the frame. The bolt holds the lines in the oil net that is secured in the frame. When tightening, I was looking at the tightenig torgue for the frame/boltnet filter which asks for 40lbs. Unfortunately, I was putting in the banjo bolt that requires only 29lbs. I didn't know that there is 2 items secured to the frame. Needless to say I came pretty close to stripping it. Its secured right now, but taking it out will also remove most of the threads, so I will leave it for now.

This is just to show you that some people (like me)should stick to just changing the oil and adding air to tires....

Oh, also forgot, for those of you that have edelbrock carbs. I read on their site that all of them are jetted to 1500 feet, with an open airbox and aftermarket pipe. That means that I don't have to fiddle with it:thumbsup: ,

I still haven't drilled the number plate, so can you guys show me your examples of a drilled plate. And also, will drilling it mean leaning out the engine too much?

Looks like a good site but.....

when I looked up the part, it called it a 10.5 mm gasket. When I ordered it, it gave me a description that I ordered a 1993 xr650l part??

It doesnt' match what the local honda dealer gave me as sizing.

My shop here called it a O RING (just as what manual says) is is supposed to be 9.8 mm by 1.9 mm NOT 10.5 mm, now I'm comfused and don't know what is right. I don't want to buy the wrong one and have to install it twice...

very possible the o rings are the same for the lines on the L also. i'll do some research and see if thats true.

i dont know why, but they call those oil line o rings gaskets, but they do.

they also have the same part number, the ones for the L are the same for the R. 10.5 mm. good luck!

Thanks a lot, I'll look for the 10.5


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