E-Start kit for WR/YZ

For those who are blessed with LOTS of money here is the link to a French site which does an E-Start kit for your WR/YZ........according to 4strokes only it's only about $1550 :)

E-Start link

If you can't read French click this link...Translate and it gives you an ...Interesting translation LOL!

[ March 04, 2002: Message edited by: Guy ]

Too cool!!! Sign me up - NOT!!! For 1500 Smacks I could think of a lot more to make it rip than that!!!!


That translation site is pretty cool! There is meaning lost in a word for word translation, but it makes it understandable.


P.S. Are there any companies that make a "magic button" that drops 20 lbs. off of the WR?

far too much money for me to be spending, tbm mag

did a print on it about eight months ago..

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