1999 Yamaha WR400

I am looking at a 1999 WR400. A boy is trying to sell it to get an enduro bike(XR650, KLX650), It has a few problems, Fork seals leaking, RS radiator bent, water pump leaking, does not want to idle but runs fine once you give it gas, and missing left side number plate. It does not have any of the lights it now looks like a YZ. The Coast Enricher has been removed fro carb and I thinking this is whats causing the poor idle. What type of problems are common with this bike? He is asking $800 for the bike. Is the bike worth that. I am prepared to do some work on it but I don't want it to turn into a money pit. Any advice or help would be appreciated.:thumbsup:

sounds like a deal to me. With those items fixed, the bike is worth more than twice that. ($1,800 from what I have seen)

it's a very nice bike... i'd proabably offer him $500 though and see if he's that interested in selling it, although $800 not bad.

The Coast Enricher has been removed

What is that?

Sounds like a deal if it is still running strong. My first WR was a 99' and still might be my favorite:thumbsup:

What is that?

Sounds like a deal if it is still running strong. My first WR was a 99' and still might be my favorite:thumbsup:

The coast enricher is on side of some FCR carbs, not exactly sure how it works, its suppose to keep it from back firing when deceling. Thats what Suzuki calls it, It may be called something else on Yamahas. Removing it will supposedly gives more power but the carb usually needs to be rejetted.

I just buy a WR400 1998 pay for it $1300.00 canadian and put on it: Edelbroke card. Jordine pipe, change 2 timing chain guide and timing chain, and now my gas tank leaking...Do every thing by myself,Total cost of parts and upgrade: $650.00 I think its a good deal beacause now I know my bike is in good shape. My friend own a WR450 2006 for a year now, completely stock, after ride my bike he tell me he prefere my bike more trotle response than his bike, more light and better handling.

if he dosnt know the wr is an enduro bike who knows what else he dosnt know.

$600 sound more like it. But if he won't budge for that price, $800 ain't too bad.

Sounds like it's a basket case. Not a bad basket case but one still. I'd say $800 is too much. $500-600 would be my offering with the knowledge that I might end up parting it out if I find the entire bike is in as poor of shape as the obvious things you pointed out.

Yes, I am prepared to do the parting out, if it is to far gone to fix. I took the plunge and bought it last night. After I got it home and went over it, and it didn't look as bad as I first thought. The carburetor definately needs rebuilding, the accel pump is leaking and water pump also. It runs pretty strong, just doesn't want to idle. It has some good parts on it if I do decide to part it out, Excel rims, Protaper fatbar and mount, Factory Connection suspension front and rear. The first thing I am goin to do is try to get the carburetor right and fix the water pump. I will let you know how it goes and please keep giving me suggestions and advice.:thumbsup: This is my first project bike maybe I'll learn something and enjoy fixing her up in the process.

DONT LOST YOUR TIME to rebuilt the stock carb. buy a new edelbroke on e bay $350.00 ,rebuilt your OLD carb will coast the same amonth and you already own an OLD CARB. simply my opignon.


I have thought about the Edelbrock, but I have heard bad things about them. I know the FCR is a better carb if working properly. I don't know anything personally but I do spend time on the DRZ400 forum and the moderator on there said they were crap. I am not ruling out the Edelbrock. I haven't went into the FCR yet to see what it looks like. It may not need much I just know its leaking. Thanks for the advice.:thumbsup:

Whit my fcr carb the only thing this carb do well was heating my money.....In one summer I have change all the jet beaucause corrosion, alway have a poor idle,tps have busted, I have to put a new accel. pump new gasket NEW PUSH AND PULL CABLE and after 1 month again no idle..... and again with all this money put on it Im still whit an OLD CARB. The new edelbroke was the best $350.00 I haved put on my bike. It come whit 2 new push and pull cables,and you dont use TPS. Alway start at first or second kick cold or hot, ajust idle the first time and never touch that after. My bike run well hot cold hi elevation, I have put a pipe on it and only ajust the needle and you know what, you ajust it simply by turning a botton in the top of the carbs......dont have to remove it. I dont know wy some pepoles say its a piece of crap ???

How long have you had the Edelbrock carburetor?

More than one year.....

The carb will work great when cleaned and put to spec. I have a JD kit in my 99 and starts first or second kick. Great response. Also have the decompexhaust cam. If the carb is trashed then go for the edelbrock. I have heard good and bad about it, but you hear this about anything. Sounds like a good bike and project you will learn from. Mainly have fun with it!!!

Thanks for the info! I am going to start tearing into it tomorrow, I'll know more tomorrow.:thumbsup:

I am running an Edelbrock on my '00 WR400. I much prefer it over the stock carb for the following reasons. 1. No jetting hassles because there are no jets. I just returned from riding in CO, bike ran perfect at all altitudes with no adjustments. 2. Smoother power delivery throughout the RPM range. 3. Better gas mileage, I averaged 60 MPG riding in CO. 4. Simplicity of design. If it does need service, it is a no hassle situation. I have had this carb on two XR600s, an HRC 628 and modified it to work on the WR. The only repairs have been an improved slide replacement early on (free from Edelbrock) and a new float valve assembly a year ago. The carb is 10 years old.

I re-worked the carb, found out a gasket was missing in the accel pump. I replaced the pump diaphram and O rings. I checked the jetting and has the YZ jetting but a WR needle I don't know how much a difference that makes. I got it all back together and she fired right up.:thumbsup: I am still having a little problem, when the bike is off and the gas is on, gas leaks out of the overflow tube:bonk: . I guess the float is sticking. I will check that out the float problem this week. The next item of business is the water pump, ordered the parts should be here this week. Once I get the water pump fixed I should be ready for a ride.:ride: I am going to try and get some pics in my garage, let me know what you think. I have enjoying working on this bike and starting to learn a little bit of knowledge:prof:

OK keep us update !!!! :thumbsup:

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