1999 Yamaha WR400

I've drained the oil, way overfilled, replace seals and bearing in water pump, waiting on the impeller shaft (ordered). Oil looked good no water in crank case. I'm starting to feel beter about bike, I 've got the right crank case cover off everything looks good. The kid that had this bike didn't know what he was doing as far as maintenance goes. I think its going to be a good bike. I have aready had offers from some of my buddies on the bike, I told them wait and let me see how the rest goes. Hopefully the shaft will be here tomorrow and I can get it back together tomorrow evening and fire her up.:thumbsup:

Keep us update !!!

FWIW, I received a 1999 WR400F in a trade. I cleaned the carb up fitted a JD jetting kit, PowerNow, and Boyesen AP cover. This bike now starts first or second kick providing you use the choke or hot start appropriately. If I had an unlimited budget I would send the whole carb off to Zip-Ty Racing for their mods.

Redrocket, where did you get the Carbon Fiber for the WR? Your bike looks good.:thumbsup:

...picked up GYT-R pieces off of eBay. I think Lightspeed does all the same parts too.



Finally got everything back together and took it for a test ride, WOW!:bonk: I don't think this engine is stock. It runs very smooth since I changed the oil and put the right amount in the engine. The thing shifts smoother starts easier, (1st kick) the overfilled crank case really smothered the engine. I am very pleased with the results. I am having problems getting the right amout of coolant in the radiators. The book states 1.25 qts., I can only get a quart in it. What's the best way to get the air out of the left radiator? My DRZ has a purge valve on the top of the radiator to get the air out. Any suggestions?? :ride: This turned out to be a good deal,:thumbsup: I have about $1200 in the bike so far. Its now ridable. I will probally do a few more things to it, but first I am going to ride.:eek:

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