throttle position switch

How do you know if it is working or not ? I think I have a electrical problem and dont know were to start. It will start and has good compression put it pops and sputers at an idle and as soon as you give it any gas it just dies but will start back up fine. Any in put you have will help. thank you

The TPS would not cause that problem.......If you want to trouble shoot the electrical, there's a step by step procedure in the manual but your problem sounds like carb problems also......I'd clean the carb good and make sure all vent lines are OPEN and then check the electrical with a mulit-meter if the problem perstists.

what if I have a dead battery? I have done the stator mod where you float the ground for more watts, and the battery is done do you think that there is not enough going to the motor to let it run.

Clean the carb, put a new plug in and go from there.

Post back if that doesn't sort it :thumbsup:

Well I took the carb apart and soaked it in a gallon of carb cleaner for a couple of days and now it runs like a champ. Thanks guys

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