Single Carb?

I have read the site rules & I have searched.

does anyone make an intake/boot to replace the dual carbs with a single on an older xr600?

OK how about the newer single carb 600's, do they use the same cylinder head as the dual carb models?



I searched high and low a couple of years ago for an adapter. I had picked up an '87 with pretty gummed up carbs and a cracked fuel joint (the tube between the bowls). :banghead: Thought I'd just replace them with a single. :banghead: A few guys remembered somebody making a hand built adapter in the 90's, but I never could locate one. I just cleaned up the duals, replaced a couple of parts, and spent an afternoon getting them setup right. First time for me with 2 carbs, so was a bit of PITA, but got it right and it ran great.:applause: Good luck with it.

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