wr 450 crank question?

04 wr 450

Hi, does anyone know if i can replace just the cam chain sprocket on the crank shaft?

My dealer said i would need to buy half a crank and get it pressed on to my half.

Has anyone had to do this?

Thanks J

Sorry to say I think he is right cam chain sprocket on the crank shaft is part of the crank. Is it worn?. I replaced my cam chain at 10.000 klm the cam chain sprocket was like new?

Thanks for the response,

This engine is a good advert for regular maintenance, i bought the bike cheap in a pretty bad state knowing it needed a bit of work, it had quite a few trick bits on it and the guy had powder coated the frame so i thought this would offset the cost of the rebuild.

When i opened up the engine i was shocked, it looked like the cam chain had been slipping and the piston had been left way past its service limit.

Total damage:

two cams mashed

crank sprocket mashed

barrel worn through coating

head journals dont look good

Hundreds of pounds of damage caused by a £20 cam chain and £100 piston

I plan to rebuild it slowly over the winter with a big bore, hot cams etc etc so ive got monster spare engine.

You are right about no regular maintenance. I owned a motor bike shop for a while. Hard to work some people out .Good luck with the rebuild .:thumbsup:

Thanks for the help :thumbsup:

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