Wierd bolt problem. Need help.

Ok, i have a 2008 yz250f and i asked this question over at the yz250f forum and they said that a couple of you guys here have had the same problem as me so could you help me out. I was taking apart my bike today to clean all the plastics and there are these 2 bolt that wont come off for some reason. The bolts are the bolts that keep the shrouds on. The bolts on each side of the bike wont come off. All the other shroud bolts came off easily but these two. What happens is when i try to take the bolt off it moves about half a revoltion then tightens up again. The same thing happens on the other side of the bike with the same shroud bolt that is on the other side. I have never taken the bike apart so i dont think that the threads are messed up. Can anybody tell me whats going on. Thanks.




If they rotate and stop, the threads are damaged by corrosion or seizure. Try soaking with a real penetrating oil.

ok thanks, i will try that but i dont think that corrosion would be the problem. It is brand new with like 5-7 hours on it.

...and how many hours in a crate on the Pacific? They're aluminum bolts, IIRC, and it wouldn't take much to get them to stick. You're describing the classic symptoms of galled threads, however it happened.

try pulling on the shrouds as you are undoing the nut. I feel like the bolt is slipping on the back and pulling toward yourself might prevent slippage of the nut??? i'd be ticked with a new bike like that...

Id take it back to the Stealer and tell them to take it apart. I wouldnt want it to be my headache on a new bike.

ok thanks, i will try that but i dont think that corrosion would be the problem. It is brand new with like 5-7 hours on it.

The bolts are siezed from moisture. Remember, your bike has been sitting for possible a year? in a crate.....

You are partially spinning the "nutsert" that's molded into the fuel tank. Lay the bike on it's side and spray some PB Blaster on the threads and wait a few days. The bolt should come out. It's a good idea to remove ALL your chassis fasteners and anti-sieze them. I basically completely dissasembled mt YZ and greased/anti-siezed everything so I would'nt have any corrosion issues.

On an '08, you can't have had it long, so I think I'd get the dealer to see what can be done for it. If this were a GM product, the dealer would drill the heads off those two bolts to save the shrouds, and give you a new gas tank. Drilling out the bolts and cleaning the threads is an option, but it's hard to do in a blind hole like that.

Use a good penetrating oil and let it soak in for a good day. Spray it liberally, wait a few hours and spray it again, repeat four or five times. Then, carefully try to work the bolt out. Back it out a little, tighten it a little, back it out a little, and repeat until the bolt comes out. If it keeps getting stuck, use more penetrating oil and repeat the soaking process.

Don't force them, as they will probably snap off and that is a whole other problem to take care of.

When you get them out, inspect the threads carefully, run a tap in the hole if necessary and reassemble with some anti-seize compound.

Holly s@$#! I've had mine off a few times, and this weekend I go to put on my new tank, they just turn. I had to take a small drill bit and drill down through the head of the bolt, after two more larger bits the head came off. Now I need to find out if I can replace the inserts in the tank. I have a IMS 3.1 and I'm not reading a lot of positive things about them, so I may need a spare!

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