pickup 07 wr 450, Mods? searched got confused

K pick up bike tommorow, Already ordered jd kit and fuel screw, Got another 1000 to spend whats next? Already plan IMS tank and shrounds. is slip on worth it? if so which one. SOunds not a big issue hear but dont want earpiercing loud either. after market airfilter? Skid plates and radiator gaurds? and were to buy TT store does not list much for the 07 wr 450. anything else?


Im excited to ride a bike with some Muscle, The 04 xr 400 was good but got boring after stepping off modded cr 500.

I am very happy with the new DRD full spark arrested exhaust system. The stock canister weighs 10 lbs, and the DRD complete system is just over 6 lbs. Very reasonably priced, and it is not too loud either. I also recommend you get yourself an hour meter, AIS removal kit, stainless oil filter, and magnetic drain plug. Also if you are an aggressive rider you may want to re valve, and possibly re spring the forks. The 07 WR is a great bike and when uncorked the motor is a beast.

all you mentioned sounds like a good investement.

I came of an 04 XR400 too. What a difference! A lot of guys here use the Twin air filter, Unibiker guards are very popular on the WR. Utah or Flatlander skid plates are excellent.

I would definitevely add good quality hand guards to protect the levers in a spill

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