Fluidyne radiator braces?

Does anybody make a radiator guard/brace for an xr650 with Fluidyne radiators? I bought the "Works" brand and they don't fit the larger radiator.

Thx for any help!

Good question, I've never seen anyone with braces on the fluidyne rad.

Email or call Unabiker.com. He makes one for the fat rads but I don't think it's listed. Very nice units Not cheap, but neither are the Fluidynes.

I have a set of Fluidyne-compatible Unabiker radiator guards. It's a no-charge option; I just ordered the regular set through the TT store and then called Brian at Unabiker to let him know I wanted the guards for Fluidyne radiators. Just for the record, they work with the stock radiators too, there's just a little extra clearance between the radiators and the guards on the frontside.

Thanx, I'll look for some.

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