05 Fork seal part#'s?

Looking at the online parts diagram for the yamaha dealers parts microfilm. It shows 2 part numbers for each piece of the seals? What do I order?

On my list it shows 2 item numbers for the seal. A 7 and a 27, just like it does on that diagram. My list shows a part number for 7 AND 27 where that list does not have teh part number for 7. I guess 27 is the one? What about 7? An older part number or older version of the seal?

Just order the seals from your dealer and let him worry about it...what parts list are you using ?

Just checked your link and 7 an 27 have the same part number


1C3-23145-M0-00 (replaces 1C3-23145-L0-00)


1C3-23145-M0-00 (replaces 1C3-23145-L0-00)

Thats correct left and right seal


Correct me if I am wrong, but the reason there are two numbers there (7 and 27) is because you need one for the left fork and one for the right fork. They have the same part number because a seal will fit either left or right fork.

Now if you look at the Fork Protector Guide (Protector Guide Comp 43, 44) there will be two part numbers. One for the left fork and one for the right fork. I know because I had to order a new Protector Guide after my wife lost one of them while I had the forks apart changing the seals.

I think thats what i said

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