What would happen if I took muffler packing and wrapped it around......

a perforated tube of steel, or heavy hardware cloth, that is slightly longer than the internal of my pipe. This tube will engage the smaller pipe coming into the the muffler from the head pipe. it will also be connected to the endcap so that the tube with fiberglass attached is fully secured within the muffler. has anyone done this, will it quiet down my system??? will it work at all??? this is how my vance and hines system is put together on my buell so I am just curious.

thanks in advance,


This is how all pipes are made, isn't it? I know all two strokes use the perforated tube with silencer packing and so does my pc pipe. Dosen't the stocker do it too? I've never had mine apart to check it, I just chucked it :) .

nope, she is empty inside. nothing, nada, just an empty chamber.

I think the hard part would be getting the entire assembly into the can. The inside diameter of the rear opening, once you take off the spark arrestor, is barely larger than the spark arrestor itself. I got the idea once that I could wrap the spark arrestor with packing and slide it in, but there's not enough clearance to allow that.

You might be able to do this if you cut off the end, put the tube in it and have it welded closed. But then you can't repack it. Maybe it's just a lack of imagination on my part but I don't see that it would work.

The only other way to do it would be to cut off the end and manufacture some type of removable end cap that can be either riveted or screwed back on. By the time you do all that you might as well just buy an aftermarket muffler because at least you'd save some weight.

i was kind of thinking" forget the silencer". i am going to put dual stacks on my bike just like a semi-truck. Could someone help me out with the jetting. My altitude is somewhere cloud nine.

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:D If you welded some washers to the internals of the pipe you want to slide in it will reduce the noise BUT also the power :) This is basically the quiet core insert from White Bros for their cans as for your idea with the packing....try it, it'll go one of two ways......... :D

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