Scott's stabilizer with RSW triple clamps on XR650L-part numbers

There are several posts out there asking about mounting a steering stabilzer on an XR650L using aftermarket triple clamps to move the handlebars forward and/or higher.

I wanted to use a Scott's stabilizer since I already had the stabilizer for my KTM. Scott's does not have a bolt on triple clamp/stabilizer kit for the L that allows the speedo and ignition switch to be bolted on. I believe you can modify their XR600 triple clamp. Scott's does have a bolt on kit if you can live with the stock XR650L top triple clamp.

I read a recent post from someone saying RTT might have something bolt on for the XR650L. They don't have anything listed for the L on their website but might have something if you call perhaps?

I ended up buying an RSW top triple clamp and adapting Scott's barclamps to fit the stablizer. There are a couple of other posts detailing this same mod. I just wanted to share the part numbers so hopefully anyone else doing this can save some time working with Scott's. Here's the parts and what I did for this mod. The part numbers are as they were stamped on the parts.


1. Scott's steering stabilizer

2. Scott's steering post for XR650L (part no 5360)

3. Scott's lower bar mounts, 1 1/8" bar dia (part no 40-4042R, need 2)

4. Scott's upper bar clamp/stabilizer mount, 1 1/8" bar dia, for bars in forward position (part no 1004029)

5. RSW top triple clamp for XR650L. This is a nice piece for $125. I would suggest calling to order and ask to get the triple clamp w/o bar mounts since you won't use the RSW mounts anyway, might be able to get it cheaper.

Installation is straightforward per the Scott's instructions except for two small modifications.

1. The RSW triple clamp will make contact with the steering post. You need to grind some material from the underneath side of the front of the triple clamp (in the area the speedo bolts on). An angle grinder makes quick work of it.

2. A very small amount needs filed off the aluminum housing of the ignition switch to clear the steering post. I think a person could also use a washer or two between the ignition switch and the triple clamp and also get it to clear.

I'm really happy with my finished results. I finished off with some blue (for my blue/white '94) RC bend Renthal Fatbars and some blue G2 handguards. The stabilizer makes fast gravel roads and highway/interstate riding much less hairy.

I worked with a guy named Matt at Scott's who was very helpful. If an XR650L owner would ask for him, I bet he'd remember my project and understand what you're doing.

Hope this helps someone out, feel free to ask any questions.

Hey, you got a picture of that cool set-up ?

I'll work on getting some pics of it.

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