426 Mod's

Hey all

I've got an '01 WR426. It's been piped(fmf power core). I had a 98 WR with YZ timing. Is there benefit to changing the timing on the '01? Also what about grinding down the throttle stop or replacing it with the YZ stop. I've read a few articles on both. I ride in Alberta,Canada(bike purchased in Canada if that makes a difference) between 5,000ft to 9,000ft elev. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.....It's still snowing here so riding is a way off. I've used the S12's on hard/shale terrain alot.

I think you will find the Canadian bike already has a throttle stop that gives you full throttle. You can check by looking down the carb throat-the lower 48 stop is very obvious in the amount it restricts the throttle. Mark

if yours is a Canadian Model, then you have no throttle stop or grey wire to do, but you do have the YZ timing mod - half an hour of your time and you have it beat...

Then you will see a difference...


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