Updated Pics Of My XR 650R

That is one sweet looking XR! :thumbsup:

Great Job!

What front fender is that?

UFO Supermoto

looking good. Everytime I see one of these I want to go to motostrano and whip out the CC. :bonk:

nice SM!

ok where did you get the black number stickers?! i wanta get some for my bike to turn it from white and red to black and red like yours!

killer R bro!:worthy:

Thanks, It looks sick!

Factory Backing backgrounds............................

ok idk if i should buy the backing or buy fully black plastics from XR's only...

Nice ride.

Amazing the difference in handling the 17" rims make, huh? Almost zero resistance in side-to-side transitions. Spooky-fast turning. .

Congrats on building a sweet bike.

What rear rim width and rear tire size are you running?

also interested in previous question plus what brand are the rims/hubs

damn.. that is a sweet looking bike! good job.

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