07 WR450f speed issue

A buddy of mine on a 04 Wr450 and myself on my 06 had a side-by-side- comparo (to avoid the word drag race) on beautiful stretch of straight fire road (both are DS'd), and while I was WOT, he just twisted the throttle and pulled away! And he's got another 20lbs on me! The only difference is that he's got a FMF Q4 pipe and I'm running the stocker with peashooter removed. Do you think the pipe could make that much difference? Personally, I think my throttle stop screw is a little longer. (Might have to compare our screw lengths...)

I topped out at 134km/h (84mph).


I had the dealer cut my TS at the shop before I bought it...I've read 23.5 mm recently on someones thread but I remember the shop manager grinding mine to 21 mm and have never had issues. I do think the pipe means power though as you would likely rejet to dump more fuel into the wiggle hole:thumbsup:

92 mph, free mods, AIS removal 172 main, YZ throttle stop, stock gearing, pavement with Desert IT's....

You can easily see 75mph+ in the desert :smirk:

My 06 will top out at about 96

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