yz 426 450 exhaust swap?please help

new to TT and theres great info here!Maybe someone could help me I want to know if I can put any year 450f exhausts on a 2001 426f.Have a chance to get a Ti exhaust for a 2006 450 cheap and I really like titanium with not many choices for the 426 I thought I could get this on since OEM Yamaha part #'s are near identical.I do have access to fab tools if it's just the bolt holes dont line up.Please help THANKS!!!!

The '03-'05 pipes have a chance of fitting. The '06 mid pipe bolts on in a completely different place. Then again, if you're going to fabricate or adapt it, you could make it work, I suppose.

Hey thanks for sucha speedy response.I'm not really new to bikes but it's been awhile and boy have things changed.I've got many questions with probably a few answers so I'll definitely hang aroung for awhile. Thanks again!!!!!!

My fmf powercore off my 04 wr 450 wont go on my 01 yz 426...

Wow OK where was the trouble?With just the rear silencer bolt or the mid pipe bolt?Thanks

Wow OK where was the trouble?With just the rear silencer bolt or the mid pipe bolt?Thanks

What pipe are you getting cause it might fit ?

My standard wr450 pipe goes on both bikes no trouble, bolt holes line up and all the bends miss everything.

My FMF Q2 off my 426 goes on the wr450 but touches the mudgaurd were the side panel meets up, fits but not well.

My FMF powercore wont go on the 426 at all, the bolt holes would line up but you cant get it in that far.

Hope you could understand all that and i hope it helps ....:)

PM me if you need anymore info.

Hi again.I'll be using the TWO BROTHERS M7 Ti complete system that's said to be for the 2006 YZ 450.Please say it won't be too much trouble.THANKS

As I said, the '06 hard points are in a completely different place, and will not fit an earlier 450, much less a 426, without some sort of fabrication being involved. The bend of the pipe is different, and the location of the mid pipe bolt is 4" removed from the hard point on the 426 frame.

The guys who are saying theirs fit OK are talking about exchanging between a 426 and an '03-'05 450, which will sometimes work with minimal modification.

Thanks for the help and thank you for the clarification.That was in detail enough for me to know now what i'd be getting myself into.You definitely sound as though you know your stuff so does it look to you like something doable and still look good?I don't want to be a nuisance with this issue but is it something perhaps you would attempt given the circumstance,a friend offered me this for very cheap and fabrication don't really cost me anything with a real good tig welder and some scrap aluminum.I know what these cost and the chance to have one real nice pipe on a project bike I have completely rebuilt anyway as it was trashed when I bought it for near nothing awhile back.It still sits in my basement waiting on a set of new wheels,then shes ready to rip.Thanks very much for your highly valued input!

If you can lay it up on the bike and look at it for yourself, that would be the best way to tell.

I kinda thought you were wondering why I hadn't,it's only cause he's a few states over so I'll just get him to send it and do as you say.Thanks!

Aluminum is just as light and much cheaper. Many more pipes available too. CF is available. Unless it is free or real cheap then it probably not be worth it financially but my stubborness:bonk: :foul::banghead: forces me to do what I want at times also. Heat, bend, weld, tap and hammer it will fit eventually and you do have all winter up there dont you?:cry::thumbsup:

Thanks for the,should I say ,encouragement.I've got it comin' now so I'll let you know how I make out.If I can figure out how to post pics I'll try that that is if I end up with something I'd be willing to show my fellow riders.HA HA.

Well I got it on there with really no alterations to the bike.I just moved the pipe side sub-frame to the outside of the mount it's in and made a spacer so as not to squish the original mount and used just a little longer bolt.For the silencer I had many motor mounts from two complete restorations I did to two old trikes I've had since high school but had just let sit around for fifteen years or so.An 86 ATC 250r and an 86 TRI-Z both of which are now mint lookin.Anyway one of the alum. mounts was perfect to make the span to the silencer bolt mount and adapt to the bike with no mod to either.Anyone not knowing the difference would assume Yamaha did this.For the midpipe the mount is on the back side of the subframe instead and having moved the sub frame to the outside of the mount I had the little extra room I needed to clear for the slightly different bend in the pipe and using an air grinder with a fat round sort of flap disc,not a flat one,I ground a slight half round into the backside of the subframe and with a piece of snowmobile axle from the rear suspension,had a friend tig it in that perfect spot I ground and its A1.I was able to retain all stock mount points in case I'd sell or somehing crazy like that.If I get around to be able to post pics Iwill and if someone would need em I could speed that up if I can figure out how but I just wantedto let you fellers know it wasn't that difficult and you don't see one of these alterations all assembled and if you see it up close you'd be proud!Thanks for all the help,hopefully I can do the same for someone here someday!!!!

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