650R coolant drain bolt looks like crap

Upon changing the coolant on my 03 650R, I noticed the end of the coolant drain bolt on the water pump looked like crap. The threads looked thin and pretty defective. I noticed in another forum someone mentioned this about their bike as well.

Anyone else noticed this? Every other bolt on this bike looks fine so it would make me wonder what the deal is with the drain bolt? I was wondering if it is a sharper thread or somehting but I doubt it.


If you are really worried about it, replace the bolt with a new one, but it will look the same over time.

Look the same over time? That was the first time that bolt had ever been pulled on this bike so it should have looked new unless it is just has odd threads which is what I was trying to inquire about. Nope, not pulling the bolt until I change the coolant again. I have never had such a mess when pulling the drain bolt. My CR250 was a much cleaner job. Stupid design that the bolt is so extended for that water pump.

Stupid design that the bolt is so extended for that water pump.

The waterpump on the 650R is designed to be a quick change unit if damage were to occur in racing (i.e. Baja). It is completely external to the engine, and can be complete switched out in a pit stop in under a minute if you were good at it (and I bet Team Honda is). This also ensures that if damage to the waterpump occurs, it does not also damage the cases.

For what it is, it's an ingenious design IMO.

Thanks for the education. Wasn't aware of the design. Screw is still jacked up looking.

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