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wr to yz plastic stuff

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I am planning on YZizeing the 2001 WR a bit... getting rid of the headlight assembly, odometer, rear fender and switching to the YZ tank and seat and rear fender (can't change the front fender 'cause it's got a really cool fox sticker on it that makes my bike go much faster). WR shrouds will fit the YZ tank right?. I need some feedback on... OEM YZ parts or aftermarket and which brands? (Fuel capacity is not an issue). Those thumpers who have done this modification... what do i need to watch for on installing?

And, about the grey wire (to be cut) that is located under the WR tank... if the cut grey wire is located under a YZ tank, is this still a good mod yes or no? I'm not a very good mechanic so any help would be good there too.

Going to post the fender-headlight-odometer on ebay and YZ ttalk side along with a baja designs conversion kit still in the box... I'll update when thats done. Thanks a bazillion for your help guys!

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YZ and WR shrouds are identical for same year bike. Clarke stock capacity YZ tank is available in blue, Hannah Yellow and ???.

IMS, Clarke, Acerbis, TY Davis all offer oversize tanks.

Heads up: You MUST install a YZ seat for ALL of these tanks. IMS, SDG, ONE Industries all offer YZ OEM style seats.

I thnk Clarke offers a seat/tank combo (www.clarkemfg.com)

As for plastic, UFO has been popular as well as ACERBIS. MX Tuner claims ACERBIS is more brittle. He has had nothing but fantastic advice, so...

If you go Hannah Replica, Yellow, One Industries offers the Hannah retro kit. Having raced yellow YZ's from 1978 - 1983, I LOVE the yellow! :)

Grey wire: > CUT IT!!!!

You may be able to find a used OEM YZ tank on the YZ forum.

Post a querry.


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