How does the WR450f handle prolonged high speed cruising?

I'm still in deciding between the WR45 and CRF450x, leaning toward WR because of reliability, but am starting to get interest in the KTM 530exc because of the sixth gear. I am interested in occasionally using the bike to commute back and forth to work(20 mile round trip), and school(190 mile round trip), also little joy rides, all at about highway speeds. I am just wondering how the WR would handle that kind of riding, maybe just once or twice a week, or if the KTM's 6th gear and ability to hang around idle at 70mph would justify it's added price?


The extra grunt of the KTM would be what I would be looking at for that type of riding.

The 6th gear would be very nice, and is what I wish the WR's had.

I do a lot of high speed work on my bike, it handles it alright.

My brother has the XC450 (6 speed). It's really nice on fireroads at high speeds. My WR revs pretty hight at those speeds. In fact I don't feel comfortable going over 65mpr for a long time. Of course, I could change the gears, but then you get a whole new set of issues.

unless you plan on running real tall gearing get the KTM with a sixth gear.

Re-gear if you go with the WR.

I went up one in the front, and down 2 in the rear from stock and it's been fine. 1st is still low enough for most anything I encounter, and if it's not I use that as an indicator I need to be going faster :busted: I am plated, and ride to work Fridays (26 miles round trip).

I'd rather ride a real street bike on the street, but for quick jaunts and to tie trails together the WR is great for me.

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