XR650L plastics swap out

Hi, I am looking at this...


The guy had it painted black and I would want it back to the original red and white. What would my options be here, and roughly how much would it cost? I assume I would be looking at replacing this tank and plastics. I would prefer a plastic tank anyhow, in either red or white. Would any of you be interested in trading your red plastics for this black stuff if I buy the bike? Guy claims that it was prepped, primed, and painted with auto body paint. He runs a car dealership so I assume he has decent paint on it. I don't think its from a spray can.

Thanks from a new poster.



haha...that chicked is photoshoped. Makes the bike look huge.

i can tell you that aftermarket fenders are about 25-30 bucks. the elephant ears are pricey, but wouldnt be needed with a plastic tank. side covers are pricey too. i think it looks good all blacked out.

I've looked at a few sites and not found many aftermarket plastics for this model. Acerbis in fact does not list them from what I see. They do have the tank though for it.

Does anyone know where I might find some of these plastics online?

Yes that is a photochop job on the gal.

Thanks again

i have an accerbis xr400 front on my xrl and a ufo crf450 rear fender. these really modernize the look of the bike. the TT store or bike bandit for parts.

Is there a cross ref that shows what parts fit which years/models? The one on TT does not seem to be working.

dont know, you can make anything fit, just how much you have to cut/shape it.

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